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Soft Light Lampshade:20 SMD LEDs.
Double-mode Power Supply:“220V AC” use AC power to supply “Built-in Battery” use battery to supply.
Touch Switch:When function as desk lamp starts,long touch on the switch can adjust the brightness.
With separate USB cable:Charging through computer and solar panel are available.

Technical Parameters:

Model No.: DP-6013

名人彩票开户Battery Capacity: 700mAh

Color temperature: white 6000-6500K

DRI: ≥77

Current: 5V     500mA

Light Power: 2W

Power factor: 0.6

Charge Time: 4 Hours

Using Time: 2 Hours (With the strongest brightness on)

名人彩票开户Made In China


Push the switch to “DC/CH” position and connect the USB cable to charger before charging。  If the indicator is on, it's charging。

Frequent use is required。 If you don't use it very often, please recharge it every 3 months, or the battery's life span may be shortened。 

名人彩票开户Power source  and socket should be installed according to safety rules and regulations.

名人彩票开户To avoid causing damages to inner parts, don't turn on the emergency light during charging process, 

Avoid positioning the light where it will shine directly into your eyes as this may be harmful to your eyesight. Children must be guided by adults before use.

Keep away from wet or damp conditions.

Keep away from the inflammable and explosive materials while it’s recharging.

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