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AA battery is available.
Soft Light Lampshade:20 SMD LEDs.
Large Space Handle.
Large Capacity Battery:800mAh Rechargeable Battery.
Built-in Solar Panel.

Technical Parameter:

Model No.: DP-7402T

名人彩票开户Battery Capacity: 800mAh

Voltage: AC 100—240V      50/60Hz

Current: AC 0.7A   0.9W

Light Power: 2W

Charge Time: 10 Hours

Using Time: 2.5 Hours

Made In China


Connect the power supply, if charging indicator turns on, then it’s in charging status。 Charging time needs about 10 hours。 

When the LED bulb is dark during usage, that means the battery is at the stage of discharging. At this moment, in order to protect the battery, please stop using, and charge it in time.(Please charge before the led bulb is dark fully, otherwise it would damage the battery)

Camping lantern should be usually used, please don't long-term shelve it。 If you don't usually use it, please charge it  every 3 months, or it would effect the battery life。 


名人彩票开户The power and socket must be safe and standard.

Please don’t shot the eyes directly, it would effect the eyesight. (Children must be instructed by adults)

Keep away from rain or wet.

名人彩票开户The charging process must be far away from any inflammable and explosive materials. The charging time could not be more than 24 hours. (Suggestion charging in daylight time)

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